Nutrition facts. Carrots

Carrot is one of the not so many root vegetables that are great for health. It has straight root and stem, which is a sign of healthy core structure. It helps to collect energy needed for restoration and recovery. 

  1. It is good for our vision. It works with it on different levels. Vitamin A helps to renew and recover our physical sight, while other elements work together to restore the ability to see colours of life and gain confidence in what we see.
  2. It help to fight tiredness and stress, and even to heal depression and apathy. It also has ability to improve our mood.
  3. Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. 

How to consume?

It is better to eat carrots raw. When you do so, no matter how many carrots you eat, your body will use the exact amount of nutrients it needs. 

Carrots contains a lot of natural sugars, that are a good source of energy when consumed raw, but might be not as good when cooked.

Make sure that carrots you buy are organic and not modified.